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Sky Technologies

We are a Premier Electronic Company in Sri Lanka which provides Modern Electronic System Solutions specially for Garment Factories in Sri Lanka and around the World. We also Provide customized Electronics Solutions for any kind of requirement in household and industrial applications.

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Why your factory needs a Sky Andon system

The modern process of any production line is a chain. Consequently the efficiency of the process in production line depends on how speedy and accurately handed over the garment being manufacturing to the next level because the production time. is the key factor of determining the production cost of a particular batch of garments.

Our Sky Andon systems are produced as a solution to minimize Production Downtime and responding Delays since it basically highlights issues and faults to responsible parties and takes their attention immediately by alarms. The alerts are logged to a database so that they can be studied as part of a continuous-improvement program. Downtime Reports can create according to the customer requirement.

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Price Range - $875.00$2450.00

Price Range - $24.50 - $399.00

Price Range - $250.00 - $2700.00

Price Range - $20.00$5000.00

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