Andon System Professional

Use the Sky Andon system to gain an understanding of the efficiency of every aspect of your factory, wherever you are, and to quickly identify problems and increase the production efficiency of your factory.

Andon Unit

This unit shows created downtime and the relevant department by the responsible employee.

• Audio-visual alerts allow a responsible person to quickly identify the relevant location.

• Clearly find downtime situation.

• All individuals pay more attention to downtime and quickly respond for downtime.

• Increasing the attraction of buyers.

• Buyers understanding of the quality of their products.

• Ability to provide quality products with high efficiency.

• Identify clearly from far away.

• It is possible to enter the Error code corresponding to the error type and thereby the ability to draw further conclusions about the error.

• It is possible to take the quickly clear correct decisions when identified about errors and the time taken to do so.

• The person who completed the error and the machine that caused the error can be identified

Input KeyPad

• Audio-visual alerts allow a responsible person to quickly identify the relevant module and     department.

• Real time update tower light

• High quality and clear LED Lighting

• Identify clearly from far away.

• Increasing the attraction of buyers.

• A high quality long lasting product.

Department Display Board

• Real time update display board.

• All modules are indicated by separate lamps and the lamp corresponding to the module illuminates    when there is a fault in the module in the relevant department.

• Audio-visual alerts allow a responsible person to quickly identify the relevant module.

• Display total downtime of day in the relevant department.

Andon System Dashboard

          As a manufacturing business, one of the key areas to focus on is the use of the product layer. At the time of testing here, the factory was operating everyday and each production stop reduced the total number of units that could be produced, thereby reducing revenue and profitability. By analyzing these data, the organization will be able to focus on the most critical improvements that need to be made by understanding the trends, the root causes and other insights.

          So you can instantly track all the downtime through the online dashboard. This "Sky Andon system" allows you to get an update of your factory crashes whenever you want.

Andon System Reports

          Downtime Reportseporting is a business tool that monitors, analyzes, and displays important data points, metrics, and key performance indicators from many sources. This is a good way to get an overview of business health, department or processes.

          You can also analyze the records of each department of your company and make decisions to reduce Downtime and then automatically increase the efficiency and profitability of your factory.

Downtime Alert System

• Toll free downtime alarm system.

• Ability to add people as needed to unlimited.

• Ability to send Downtime Alert within 4 time periods.

• Providing unlimited Downtime Alert.

• Ability to divide inactive alerts into four categories for one off period.

Per Line Cost - $ 2,350.00

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